How to start online business in Bangladesh

How to start online business in Bangladesh
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Starting online business in Bangladesh can be very easy but keep running and selling over the online can be very difficult if you don’t prepare your ToDo list before started. Online business can be anything from selling your services to any kinds of products.

It can be shoe store or beauty and spa. Goal of online business is selling your products and services online instead of physical shop. If you are selling products it can really help you to improve your business dramatically if your price and products competitive in local market. Here we will discuss how to start online business in eCommerce marketplace without any technical knowledge and investment.

What do I need to start online business in Bangladesh

Knowledge is power specially when its comes to online business in Bangladesh or around the world. I believe there is lots of start-up and entrepreneur out there want to start online business in Bangladesh but unable to come conclusions for limited guideline and technical knowledge. Here i will add some list for you to add in your ToDo list before start your online journey.

  • Domain management: Domain is unique name for your business. Now a days its quite hard to find suitable name to represent your business online. It is very important to find easy to remember name for your domain. Otherwise people would never remember you name and they would not return your website later. To find your dream domain name you can start your search with GoDaddy.domain-name-graphic
  • User friendly web design: There is lots of ready made template and open source software out there to start your online business in Bangladesh, Some website is very user friendly and some are quite difficult. When its comes to design you really need to focus on how easy to navigate your website to find all information and place an online order. If you are in limited budget, you can purchase lots of ready-made website template or you can hire freelance web designer to meet your unique needs. Simple google search can save lots of your time and money for design your website.
  • Secure web hosting: Finding a good hosting company is very important for your online business. This is backbone for website and all of your information store there. If you are in limited budget you can use shared server and if you have lots of products you might consider cloud or dedicated server.scope-of-web-hosting-service
  • Online payment gateway: Nowadays in Bangladesh 90% online business provide Cash on delivery services. But this is going to change very soon and you will see in future 90% transaction over the online and only less than 10% transaction only cash on delivery. So selecting right payment gateway is very important for your online business. There is lots of payment gateway out there. But they charge transaction fee based on volume or amount. Choose wisely or you may end up losing more money from your business.
  • Shipping or Delivery: When you sell products online its important to deliver your sold item to your customer as quickly as possible. So plan it before you start your online business, because if you can’t delivery your products and services in right time it will harm your business over the time.payment-gateway

What I need to monitor to continue online business

1. Check if your eCommerce application is up-to-date.
2. Check your server up-time.
3. Check your website design work in all browser and device.

Challenge for continue online business

Well now you have your website, products which ready to sell online and you are waiting for customer to place an order. Its not that simple like physical store, you just open the shop and local customer comes to your place to buy any goods you offer in your place. You need promote your business to find potential customer online. This is where 90% small and medium business lose all there business capital in 6 to 24 months and close there business. So you need to prepare your marketing plan before you even thinking about starting online business. this is where eCommerce marketplace helping more than 90% of small and medium business to grow there online business.


Why eCommerce marketplace for online business

eCommerce marketplace always good start for small and medium business owner as well as big company to reach more customer with less effort. Online marketplace fill the gap between customer and vendors, So as a start-up or growing company you don’t need to focus in reaching customer or promote your business. You can simply focus on your products and services and marketplace do rest of the things for you.

Free eCommerce marketplace allow you to buy and sell any new or old products, tailored services or simply promote your business & personal ads.

Advantage of eCommerce marketplace for start your online business in ‎Bangladesh‬:

  • No budget required for start online business.
  • No need to rent expensive space to sell your products and service
  • No software engineer required for develop eCommerce website
  • No need to focus on online marketing, or very less marketing expense
  • No need to study and stay up-to-date with online technology all the time
  • No need to develop mobile / tablet version apps as business is moving to mobile
  • No need to worry where to find potentials customer to buy your products and service
  • You can start any business without or very low budget
  • No need to worry about server, security and its technology
  • No ongoing cost for your online business.
  • No need to worry about Search Engine optimization
  • No need to worry about marketing automation

How to start free online business in Bangladesh is an eCommerce marketplace where you can buy and sell almost everything in more than 100’s categories. For professional allow you to create free online store or business page, So you can established your brand online to sell your products and services more efficiently.

Start your free online business in Bangladesh

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