Introducing Grameen.Market Bangladesh’s free and fast E-commerce service !

Introducing Grameen.Market Bangladesh’s free and fast E-commerce service !
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Before I introduce Grameen Market’s ecommerce let’s get to know what’s ecommerce.

What is ecommerce?

Basically ecommerce is way to sell products online. It’s like a shop which has no physical form because it’s fully online based and you can access these products only from internet. In a nutshell ecommerce is “commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet”


Grameen Market E-commerce solution

Now that we know what E-commerce is and how it works let’s get to know about Grameen Market ecommerce. Grameen market ecommerce is totally free and it even comes with a software to manage your products publications and everything else. It has over 100’s categories of products to go with. Let’s say to sell something you need a shop right? Or for a business you need an office, right? Grameen market is giving you online store and business pages for free nothing is charged. Now you might be wondering why we are giving everything for free. Why would anyone do that? This is all just too good to be true. Well our motive is to make money without doing evil and Technology should be free to everyone. So we provide complete free of any cost eCommerce solution and only thing that’s going to cost is your own internet bill nothing else. The revenue that we generate is derived from offering advertising to companies and from the value added services.

What are the risk of doing business in Grameen market?

Well, I can say that like a free advice is no harm just like that Grameen market is like a free advertisement for your product and there are no losses here like real life stores have. In a real life store you have to pay electric bills, Rent and you even have to hire a salesman/woman for selling your goods. In Grameen market their ads are the sales man for your shop and business.

How Grameen Market reaches to your product’s Consumers?

Grameen Market has more than 100 categories and eventually your consumers are condemned to know about your product or services at some point, if anyone is looking for your provided services and goods. Because of the wide variety of categories it’s easy for someone to find anything and everything with the keywords. If your products are really good and if Grameen market gets a really
good feedback on your product or business we will even give you a presence or appearance as a brand in their E-commerce site. There’s another option we have called SEO that boosts your products. If customer doesn’t find you in Google, Bing search result you are losing lots of potential customer online. Business page in Grameen market can boost your SEO without any technical knowledge.

How much products/services can be managed at Grameen Market?

With proper interested consumers getting to know about your product and services you can sell as much as product you want. Totally unlimited product management without having to worry about anything. You can even add as much as information about all you products and that’s also totally unlimited. Grameen Market is really an E-commerce with no barrier. It’s just a simple road to an idea and good product or services. This is why Grameen Market is always focused about their ad/promotion system so your products/services, your ideas and your innovation will reach to the interested consumers in Bangladesh and the Globe.

About Grameen market software

We are very consistent about our software. We are always focusing on it. It’s the soul of everything. This is the thing that our users of Grameen market have to go through every day so we are always researching to make the software as much as good we can. A Good thing about our application is that it loads really fast so everyone can enjoy a fast enjoyable experience using it.

Why Grameen Market is a Kickstarter for E-commerce?

1. Zero investment
2. Only thing you will ever require is computer knowledge and nothing else
3. Never have to worry about loss
4. Full application/software support and its very much reliable
5. Grameen Market can publish your product to the internet globally by categorizing it and SEO boost.

Farzana Sharmin

Farzana Sharmin

Farzan Sharmin currently studying in commerce and she likes music and love to meet people to learn more about local culture. But best things about her, she love to share her experience and knowledge about her profession (business) and hobby (how to look 20's in your 40's).
Farzana Sharmin


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